Looking For Something To Do On A Sunday?

Howdy, y'all. No plans on Sunday night except for staring at the wall while experiencing soul crushing boredom?
Well I just wanted to stop by and let everyone know about a dark wave/industrial/gothic-blues night of music at The Pub At The End Of The Universe tomorrow the 26th.

Not only will it be a great night of music, friends and drinks, it could also be a grand opportunity for you other artists and musicians to get out and network with some like-minded individuals.
Show's going to start around 8:00PM.
Hope to see you all out.

St. Äma of V.O.I.D.
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Portland Dancer Malice at Holiday Ale Festival


Malice at the Holiday Ale Festival, Portland, Oregon

I went to the Holiday Ale Festival yesterday with the Amplify-Interactive crew. There were a lot of people and a crazy amount of good beers. I had one in particular called Scaldees Noel that was 12%. That was some tasty but rough stuff (C-block didn't fare so well for the experience of having one after 3 or 4 others).

Anyway, it is still going on--and you too might see Portland's most famous adult dancer (also model, actress and Rock video essential), Malice, out there.

More info on the Holiday Ale Beer Festival in Pioneer Courthouse Square